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Cypress Creek Children's Montessori School
                              Encouraging the Discovery of the Genius Within!

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Ms Faye : 972-390-0800
Direct line : 214-705-8167

Welcome to Cypresscreek Montessori Frisco: For Appointments Call Ms Faye @ 972-390-0800.

Welcome to Cypress Creek Children's Montessori Frisco School

We are located in Frisco on the east side of Preston. We draw children from all neighborhoods surrounding the Centennial Hospital of Frisco and areas around Curtsinger Elementary School, Gunstream Elementary School and Centennial High School. We have children coming from Mckinney, Eldorado and Custer.

We know you have deep rooted ideas and values regarding your child’s early education. There are also many choices. Therefore the decision becomes difficult. Being aware of what we value highly can help us make informed decisions- be it a complicated moral decision or choosing the right school for your child. The growth and development of your child depends on a strong foundation. Therefore it is important to understand the Montessori Method and to visit the schools to observe the environment and ask pertinent questions.

The corner stone behind a successful school is the teaching staff. All my teachers from infant to primary class have more than ten to twenty five years of experience in Montessori education. They are kind and nurturing. My existing parents can vouch for that.

The safety of your child is of great priority to us, and everything is done to ensure that each activity your child is engaged in is fully monitored. The school uses security entry code so that parents can easily and securely come and go but unauthorized individuals must ring the bell. Our school purchases only the highest quality materials, supplies and equipment. These are replaced periodically and new material is created by the teachers for language and math. The school is equipped with the latest state of art computers along with an expansive library.

Your visit to Cypress Creek Montessori School in Frisco will convince you that our school is the right choice for your child. You will find that our Montessori school focuses on the same values that you as a family find of utmost importance. These values will be discussed prior to enrolling your child- your most precious possession. We look forward to giving you a tour of Cypress Creek Montessori Frisco. Please call Ms. Faye at 972-390-0800 for an appointment.


Tiffany Laster Webster

To Ms. Faye and the teachers at CCCM I want to thank you for making us a part of your family for the last 2 years. Our family's experience with your school has been nothing short of exceptional. We moved to be closer to our family and if I could take one thing to our new home it would be this school. My daughter, Riley, was excited to learn and we were confident in that we were sending her to place with love that would encourage her individuality and abilities. The small classes and outstanding teachers have helped my daughter blossom into toddlerhood! A special thanks to Ms. Faye for being so patient and accommodating to us. As new parents we are learning ourselves and your experience and guidance is very much appreciated. We will miss you all. Sincerely, The Webster's

Abhi Uchil

Just came back from a tour to enrol my 2.6 year old.. The school aif "top notch" when it comes to hygene, curriculum and staff under the Leadership of Ms Faye.. Im looking forward to a enriching learning experience for my daughter!!

Ivanna Hines

My daughter has been a Cypress Creek student for over one year now. She is in love with going to school and socializing with her little friends and teachers. Here she has become so smart and independent. She knows her shapes, ABC's, how to color inside the lines, how to do homework, etc. She has learned to associate and imagine when reading, she has become very expressive and talkative. Since she recently got promoted to primary, I am thrill to know she will soon start reading and writing. I encourage everyone to go and see for yourself the difference. Unlike other programs, at CCCM you can walk in and see the teacher and kids interact at any time. Highly RECOMMENDED.

Ebonie Dubar Mbeteni

We absolutely love this school. The children are encouraged to be the best they can be while being nurtured by their teachers. The education and environment at this school is excellent.

Julie Chadwick Johnson

Cypress Creek is not just a daycare or a school, it is a family. My kids feel loved, and I get to see them run and hug their teachers. My 2 year old already counts to 10, knows her colors and shapes and has a passion for reading. My 4 year old is adding, sounding out words while reading, and having fun while he is doing it. The school is awesome.

A child is like a butterfly in the wind some
can fly higher than the others, But each one flies
the best it can, Why compare one against other?
each one is different each one is special each one
is beautiful

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